Saturday, March 21, 2009

p a s t is p a s t

Many would be thinking why the hell am I writing about a past love. I often have dreams about a man – I call him DIA - but it was just recently that I dream about him several times, and it really bothered me. In my dreams, he was almost within my reach but was gone the moment I had realized he was there. I always wake up miserable and heart-broken. I cannot forget the dream for several days, and when I had gotten over it, I would dream about him again. I had tried to bury him in the innermost part of my superego; however, he still emerges from time to time. I guess I cannot just suppress a very beautiful romance that took place a long time ago. So

I decided to let it out by weaving a tale about it.

It should have been true love. It was platonic and pure; it was deep and intense; it was gentle and honest. Something took place between us that we did not have to talk about, that we did not have to put into words. It just blossomed, and we just felt and savor it. We never kissed, nope held hands, nope embrace. But it was dreaming like kissing him everyday whenever I smell his perfume, it was as if we were holding hands whenever I hear his voice, it was like embracing him whenever I look at his eyes. It’s as if our hearts could talk and understand each other........

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