Thursday, April 30, 2009

about me today

A great deal of attention will be centered on your emotions today, ROZIANI, although being centered in itself will be quite the challenge. You may feel like a yo-yo today - at the mercy of someone else's hand. Don't fall prey to victimization. Stand up for yourself even if it means that others are likely to get upset. You are responsible for your feelings and no one else's

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Rantong said...

Salam ziarah. Sekadar membuat hebahan. Mungkin ini dapat membantu orang-orang kita diwaktu gawat sekarang.

Rancangan "Who Wants To Be A MillionaireBlogger.Net" kini, ke udara di screen komputer anda. Sertai & daftar sekarang. Kemasukan adalah PERCUMA...