Friday, May 22, 2009

cerita tentang ???

Power Kids circles around 5 kids; Wut, Kat, Pong, Woon and Jib, who grow up in a martial art school. Their ordinary life twists when they fight a rowdy gang and it causes Jib’s heart disease to relapse. Jib urgently needs to get heart transplant at a hospital, and the kids unexpectedly are involved in a lethal circumstance when ruthless terrorists are occupying the hospital. So, time for hero begins when the kids decide to strike back to protect their friends and the country. With friendship, courage, and the heart that is larger than their size, the kids want the victory

Title: Power Kids (Haa Hua Jai Hero)
Director: Krissanapong Rachata
Starring: Johnny Nguyen, Nanthawut Boonrubsub, Sasisa Jindamanee
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