Friday, June 12, 2009


12 signs you know he’ll be bad in bed (without even taking your clothes off).

1. He still sleeps in a single bed.
2. He has bad breath.
3. He owns “Star Wars” bedding.
4. When he kisses you, the only part of his body that moves is his tongue.
5. He has fuzzy dice or a mini disco ball hanging from the rearview mirror in his car.
6. He can’t maintain eye contact with you.
7. He never misses a day of working out.
8. You’ve been out with him four times and he hasn’t made a move yet.
9. He eats with his fingers.
10. He constantly brags about his sexual prowess.
11. He checks out his reflection in store windows.
12. Three words: puka shell necklace.

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