Tuesday, April 20, 2010

sunday morning

broga hill punya cita

Last weekend , we went to Broga Hill kat semenyih. I guess it's no longer a stranger to those living in Klang Valley. I'm sure u've either been there, or had a friend who's been there or heard of it and been meaning to go there. KAH KAH KAH ..

We departed about 6.30am and reached at 7.00am. There were 11 of us (12 must hv..mastermind cannot join at d last minutes..haha..lantak la) and all of us haven't been there before.. ....we try col friend all not pickup her phone..so downn.dorang pikir alarm yg bunyi waktu pepagi gitu.. d last way my click ask her auntie(mak itam)...pening la jugak

sgt challenging..hahhaa...d hills It's not very very high, but uhhhh... quite challenging also lar. Hahaha Well there are actually quite a number of elderly and young kids ! .damn cute

owhh..sungguh hepi....best....

to zell,shema(mastermind tiba2,anida(driver),syema j,intan,nas n d gang.....tq so much kerana menjayakan trip yg best nih..Rase nyesal x bawak camera sendiri....huhu..ni belas ihsan camera nat...tq...

jgn lupe pesanan saye bile nk climb

1. Make sure your shoe has a good grip
2. Put on mosquitoe repellent
3. Bring a towel
4. Bring a torch light if you're climbing while the sky is dark
5. Bring 100plus and drink once u've reach the top. Damn good feel
6. Bring your camera too! and a tripod if you have..


sarah said...

as long as u enjoy ur event, it should be fine......

Я о z ї ª ň ї said...

ya dat's rite my dear..sgt enjoy...if u hv..mesti lagi beshh..hahaha...