Monday, October 4, 2010

4 day.......

I have never in all my life been as excited as I am right now. Because in  4 days I'm going to marry the man of my dreams. Nikah at  mosque(taman kledang)  and absolutely can't wait..... I never thought I'd ever get married. I was asked in the bridal shop when I went to choose a dress on my own "Is this your dream dress"? As I stood in the mirror tearfully admiring my chosen dress...My answer was no it wasn't my dream dress as I'd never had a dream of getting married as I didn't think it would ever happen. I was always told your ugly, fat and made to feel pretty useless to be quite honest so why dream about things I felt were out of my control, and put my attentions to becoming a dancer which I was also told would also never happen. I can't believe it, God is obviously watching over me and I thank him all the time for what I have been given.  I'm soooooo grateful for finding my soul mate and best friend muizz, he's my world.

Now Girls if anyone tells you that you can't organise a wedding in less than 18 months trust me it's rubbish, I have organised this in less than 3months, it's been sooooo much fun and everything that we dreamed of having we have achieved.haahhahaaa..omg!

We are both very nervous about being under so much attention as both quite shy, but together I know we can get through it I'm sure with giggles and tears, I'm the biggest softie in the world and cry when I'm Happy and Sad, so can see many tears......LOL no I'm quite together but love happiness.

My dress details are under wraps until the day, I mean it is supposed to be bad luck for the groom too know any details, so just in case I'd best not say anything just yet.

I'm also having my fitting tomorrow, so will update then.

Ohhhhh I'm so excited ....

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