Monday, November 22, 2010

how 2 be great wife

How To Be A Great Wife

First get to know what kind of a person u are ...

  • first try to know yourself - what you are, what you can give in your relationship and what you cannot…. because you cannot expect from him the things, you urself cannot do for him. 

“Treat others the way you want yourself to be treated………”


 Do not ignore your own feelings...
  • Give each other some time for better understanding.
  • must feel good to do good or this will encourage negative vibes between you two

Stay ever charming n attractive!
  • The only thing in you that can always make you feel wanted n appreciated, is your sexual confidence. It will never let your husband crave for anybody else outside your marriage. If you want your husband to remain attractive as ever, then he also expects the same from you to make him proud.

1) listen
2) attentive
3) communicate
4) affectionate
5) compromise

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