Friday, November 26, 2010

me ..yes! me

It is all about my feelings, my pleasures, my happiness, and me. It is all about me even when things have noting to do with me. Any decision I make in my life or any thing I do shall return some kind of happiness or pleasure back to me. It is all about me  because I will not function normally  any other way. I hate pain and suffering and the only time I willingly put up with it is when I obtain something back that makes me feel good about myself. I am constantly thinking how to make myself happy. Do you recognize me now? Yes, I am “the human”  the most social and intelligent being, a psychological Hedonist, and I would like to prove this. I believe all humans are psychologically constructed and preprogrammed to seek (selfishly) contentment and pleasure while avoiding both pain and unpleasantness through their entire life.

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