Friday, December 30, 2011

pssttt..i love u

my mom ,my hero....

whatever i am today,whatever i hv achieved......i owe to my mom.she has taught me very well...she's cool like true... :) mom is very intelligent.i admire her for what she knows and being so cool.even when i ask her any question and she always beaming wif the right teacher...hehehe..but my mom is taylor only....i 'm very mom very a designer u....
when i started to grow up and become conscious of physical,my mom always highlight what she thinks is good about me.she will not say NO.....,but she always tell u to think 1st .The mind has always to take a big part of every decision that i make and up to now,i still value and follow this advise.
mom...u'r the best i could hv never asked for a better mom than u.u buy me food,clothes,shoes,scotter and every thing .

why i love my mom so much???

*she was Allah gift to me.From her,i learned everything that i needed to survive in this challenging world
*she taught me the real meaning of love (outside of emotions and beyond words) forgiveness,patience and grace.
*she was a mother who took care of all our needs.
*she was a friend who took time to listen whether  i had a happy or sad story to tell
*she my teacher,my mentor and my one & only coach: teaching me what really matters in this world

i can only thanks to Allah for my mom becoz without her,i would not have been brought out into this world and enjoy the life now.

i am grateful for every minute that i hv spent with her.i realized that while she watched me play and grow.It was out of pure love and selflessness and sacrifice. i love u no matter what u say or do..u always be in my life..i really really do want u to know that...u r awesome mom! d best...(i cried).....i love u mom.i miss u....


Nurul Ayuey said...

Indeed heaven under mothers feet
mothers are good friends that always be with us no matter easy or hard, laugh or cry .. appreciate our mother while she was still breathing

Я о z ї ª ň ї said...

yes..dat's true