Monday, June 22, 2009

letter from :The Astrocenter Team


You have to know yourself before you can really know another person, and since Jupiter will be retrograde in Aquarius for the next few months, you'll have plenty of time for some introspection! In the meantime, whether you're in a relationship or still looking for love, your Soul Mate Tarot will be able to give you expert guidance on where your love match is going!

If you're unsure of where your union is headed or you just want to know if he or she feels the same way you do, get your Soul Mate Tarot! This insightful reading shows you the exact path your relationship is taking and shines a spotlight on the two of you as individuals and within the relationship!

If you ever wonder what your other half is really thinking - or even if, with Jupiter retrograde, you wonder what you're really thinking - get your Soul Mate Tarot! Make sure you and your beloved are on the same page before investing your hard work!

The answers are inside,
The Astrocenter Team

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